Terms of Service


General TOS

  • Payments are nonrefundable once commission work has been started.
  • Partial payments are nonrefundable.
  • I require at least a partial payment (for a payment plan) before commission work begins.
  • I use the following payment platforms: PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. I cannot use Cashapp or Alipay.
  • I have the right to decline any commission.
  • Fursuit TOS

  • I will not make fursuits with complicated designs.
  • Before fursuit work begins, I require a 50% upfront payment.
  • Credit for the fursuit is required in at least the first post featuring the fursuit, even if it is refurbed.
  • If the package is lost or damaged, I will provide the refund that the shipping company gives me.
  • Art TOS

  • Credit is required when posting my artwork to any platform, any time.
  • Payment plans are allowed for commissions over 50$.

    These people cannot receive my artwork, fursuits, or designs under any circumstances. Breaking the TOS will put you here.

  • Lucid_flaws: Instagram
  • fancypants.hater: Instagram
  • arcademutt: Instagram
  • Instagram
  • riddlermutual: Instagram
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